Cider tasting

At 13 and 16 o´clock

Monday to Friday

May 20th to September 20th 2019.

Meet with one of the family members and learnabout how we grow fruit in our organic orchard, and how we turn fruit and berries into juice, cider, fruit wine, and brandy. We show how we make exclusive sparkling cider using the “méthode traditionnelle.” The program ends with five cider samples in the restaurant. 

Farm shop


We are licensed to sell cider and fruit wine up to 22% alcohol by volume in our farm shop. Here you will find all our Balholm products except the fruit brandies. These must be purchased at Vinmonopolet, the Norwegian Wine Monopoly.

In the shop you will also find our book about cider, food souvenirs made from fruit and berries, and seasonal goods. 

20.05 to 20.09 2019

Open 13:00–18:00 from Monday to Friday. 

For visits at other times, please contact us.

Cider classes 

Many have tried winemaking as a hobby. It’s great fun to serve your own beverages made from your own harvest.

The Cider House offers workshops and classes by special arrangement. Apple varieties best suited to cider, wild yeast versus wine yeast, chemistry, hygiene, and especially patience are key topics.


Sjøtunsvegen 32,
6899 Balestrand
+47 90 83 56 73