Who are we?

The Cider House is run by the Eitungjerde Høyvik family: Eli-Grete and Åge, and the next generation Tuba and Gard. Solveig, Ragnhild, and Heidrun also help out when they come home. Family and good friends help out when it is needed—and it often is!

Åge Eitungjerde is the founder of Balholm AS; he runs the orchard and cider cellar.  He also educates visitors about cider and fruit. He appears as “Professor Emeritus Balemyren” at festive occasions, and manages pots and pans during dinners as well. He often holds small Gregorian song concerts in the deepest cider cellar.

Eli-Grete Høyvik is a social development planner and operates the consulting firm Interplan. She also manages the Cider House finances and plans events together with customers. She bakes bread in the wood-fired oven and cans fruit and berries in the autumn. She also organizes the heritage walks in the village as part of the visitor experiences at the Cider House. 

Tuba Ardic is educated as a sociologist. She is from Turkey, and learned about cooking from her grandmother. She manages the restaurant and cooks tapas, lunches, and dinners inspired by Mediterranean cuisine as a part of the experience in the Cider House. She runs international youth projects in the Cider House together with her husband, Gard. She also sings Turkish folk songs in the deepest cider cellar at times.

Gard Eitungjerde Høyvik is an educated schoolteacher, but he now spends his time at Balholm and in the Cider House. He is in charge of beverage sales—both in the office and behind the bar. He works in the orchard and cider cellar together with Åge, in the restaurant, and with youth projects together with Tuba. He also leads heritage walks and may appear as the character “Bajabas”.