The Cider House is located in Balestrand in Sogn, a short walk from the harbor and Kviknes Hotel. Balholm is our brand for beverages made from fruit and berries­­­—and a large portion of passion! In the summer you can join a cider tasting and learn how we distill brandy and make sparkling cider using the traditional method. You can shop in our farm shop or have a meal in our restaurant. We host groups all year round for lunch or dinner, interpretation programs about cider and fruit, cultural walks, professional events, team building, and other fun stuff!

Opening hours summer 2020. 

In the farm shop you may purchase cider

and fruit wine up to 22% alcohol by volume.


Here you will find all our Balholm products except the fruit brandies. These must be purchased at Vinmonopolet (the Norwegian Wine Monopoly).

In the shop you will also find food souvenirs made from fruit and berries, our own book about cider and seasonal goods. 

Opening hours in 2020

20.05 to 20.09 2020

Open 13:00–18:00 from

Monday to Saturday. 

For visits at other times, please contact us.

The Cider House is an Économusée, part of a sustainable craft tourism initiative in which artisans are chosen for their commitment to quality and authenticity.

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Sjøtunsvegen 32,
6899 Balestrand
+47 90 83 56 73